How to Prepare for a Hot Yoga Class

I took my first hot yoga class almost six years ago now & I was NOT prepared, to say the least! I was wearing a cotton tank top (talk about uncomfortable sweaty shirt cling!), had a cheap, thick mat, and worst of all - I didn't bring any water! Little did I know, having the right props and preparing correctly for a class can go a long way. 

Here's what you can do to get the most out of your hot yoga experience:

Before class:

  • Drink lots of water & stay hydrated throughout the day - not just in the minutes before class! Chugging water right before class starts may cause nausea, not to mention you might have to use the restroom at an inopportune time.
  • Try not to eat at least two hours before class - eating right before can also cause nausea. If you're getting hangry and just can't wait, eat something small like a banana. 
  • Dress in sweat-wicking, tight-fitting clothing. It is uncomfortable to have a wet tank moving around and clinging to your body for 60-90 minutes! 
  • Get a thin, dense mat. The thicker the mat, the harder it will be to balance. A dense mat will keep you comfortable when practicing floor postures. Shop our selection of mats here.
  • If your mat gets slippery when wet, bring a yoga towel to place on top! 
  • Bring a hand towel too. Use this to dry your hands and feet during class so that you can get a better grip for some of the postures. 
  • Always bring a large water bottle - if you have an insulated bottle, your water will stay at a nice temperature and it won't "sweat" in the hot room. 

During class:

  • Show up early! Coming in early will help your mind and body acclimate to the heat. 
  • If you feel dizzy or simply need a break, take a sip of water & sit on your mat until you feel better - making sure to keep your head above your heart. Part of the practice is taking care of yourself, so it is completely okay to press pause when you're not feeling 100%. 
  • No need to wipe your sweat unless it's dripping into your eyes or making your feet/hands slippery during a posture - your body knows what it is doing. The body sweats to cool you down and maintain normal body temperature, so let it happen!
  • Stay in savasana for at least five minutes at the end. Allowing yourself this time helps your body to digest all that it has accomplished, and gives it time to cool down before you stand up and leave the room. 

After class:

  • Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Replenish your body with water, add in some electrolytes if you want. 
  • Shower as soon as you can! When sweating as much as you have in class, your body has rid itself of toxins that are now sitting on top of your skin. You want to clean those toxins/impurities away before they re-enter your pores. 
  • Just sit still for a few moments and notice what that class has done to your emotional state. Do you feel lighter? More energized? Happier? Less stressed?
  • Go to a second class! It only gets easier and more enjoyable from here.

Have you tried Hot Yoga before? Sound off in the comments below!