MindFit Gratitude Journal e-Book

MindFit Gratitude Journal e-Book


This isn’t just any old book…. it’s a mindfully designed + created resource helping you heal and connect to the parts of your life that need it the most. This journal’s sole purpose is to support, guide and develop a grounding sense of self-love and personal growth within the one who turns its pages…

  The MindFit Gratitude Journal has everything you could possibly need to start your gratitude journey, including:

  • Pre-challenge tasks connecting you back to your core values

  • Daily check ins + reflective writing prompts

  • Mindfulness guides + strategies for our modern world

  • Online support + opportunities to connect with like-minded people

  • Reflection space for journaling + ideas

  • Mindfulness calendar to track your journey each day

  • Specific self-love rituals for daily practice

  • Beautiful images + inspiring quotes

  • BONUS Daily challenges (via the HUB) to encourage growth + confidence within yourself

  • Extra online goodies for you to continue your gratitude practice beyond the 30 days

Basically… it is 130 pages of pure + delicious goodness!

It’s time to really appreciate how wonderful life is and more importantly how wonderful YOUR life is.

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