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Welcome to the world of MelisFit! My name is Melissa (Melis) Eckman and I am a health & wellness personality, model, entrepreneur, writer and yoga & fitness teacher living in Los Angeles, CA. I truly believe everyone has the power to become their own inspiration and believe the combination of health, positivity, and balance can lead to your happiest life.

Having worked in Corporate America as a Certified Public Accountant for over 6 years, I found a creative outlet when I began teaching barre exercise classes before my 10 hour work day in accounting. I realized what an impact health & wellness have on people’s lives and wanted to share with like-minded people in hopes of building a positive community that encourages a well-balanced lifestyle.

I love to share about health, wellness, motivational & positive thinking, yoga, beauty, and travel (and of course my Maltipoo Brady)! I am so happy you are here and thank you for joining in on my journey!

Xo, Melis


Want to hear Melissa's story? Listen to her guest spot on The Optimal Life podcast!

A story of grit, hustle and determination, Melissa's journey reminds us that life is about pursuing goals and chasing dreams so that we can achieve our most optimal, truest potential.


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