Do You Remember Your World Before Social Media?


Question: Do you remember your world before Social Media?
I remember back in the day when my only source of communication via the Internet was AOL & AIM (my username was RoxyGrl4948). I would run home after school to update a status or chat with friends so I didn’t have to T9 text on my flip phone. Somewhere along the way things changed drastically for us. MySpace followed by Facebook followed by Instagram & Snapchat. Now you can share way more than just a status and little profile about yourself. Social media has its ups and downs. I absolutely love that I can connect with people all over the world and share our journeys together. I also love being able to keep in touch with friends & family even though I’m far away. What I don’t love is that sometimes people use Social Media to brag or make people feel bad about themselves. We are now in a world where we constantly compare our lives to other people based on a curated profile of perfect pictures. I believe if we use social media for good to uplift eachother & not to set out to make other people feel like your life is better than theirs, we can keep growing as social media continues to keep growing. We are still humans behind our screens…remember that! Xo Melis 

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