The Rules of Fruit

To me, “eating clean” isn’t just about eating unprocessed, plant-based, organic foods; it's also about what foods you pair together and at what time you eat them!

No matter what diet you follow (vegan, vegetarian, non-restrictive, etc.) food combining is MAJORLY important when it comes to sustaining proper digestion. One guideline of Ayurvedic food combining I try always follow is to eat fruit alone on an empty stomach. Just to clarify when I say alone I don't mean I don't eat fruit with anyone around/by myself ;) I mean alone as in I only eat fruit with other fruit, not with other types of food; for example no fruit and carbs, or no fruit and protein. Of course I make exceptions, but those happen on very rare occasions!

Why you ask? Have you ever noticed how quickly fruit goes bad compared to other things in our kitchen? Pretty quickly, right? The same theory applies even after you eat it. Our bodies can break down fruit VERY quickly; but, the simple sugars contained in fruit need time to be completely absorbed by the body. When fruit is eaten alone, the body can process all of the fruit’s nutrients more efficiently and in a timely manner before it ferments in the gut.

If you eat fruit too close to a meal, or especially right after a large meal (combining with other food groups), the fruit will sit in the digestive tract for too long waiting for your large meal to digest, which will cause the fruit to rot/ferment in the gut before it can be broken down, which can cause indigestion, gas, heartburn and excess weight gain.

Side note: did you know our bodies even use a different enzyme to digest fruit. (our bodies are so smart, right?!)

With fruit, you want a clear "passage way" (or digestive tract) to: consume fruit, absorb fruits nutrients, break down fruit and then eliminate any excess. You want your body to do this in a timely fashion to avoid any indigestion, and a clear passageway is the key to doing it!

The best time to eat fruit is either first thing in the morning on an empty stomach ( I do mine with my green juice and hot lemon/cayenne water!!) or as a mid-morning snack in between breakfast and lunch... If you decide to go for some fruit mid day try to aim to have it at least 1 hour before your next meal or 2 hours after a meal !

Still not sure about this whole food combining thing? Well…… this might be TMI, but in the spirit of being authentic and honest on here I’m going to share it anyways… If you are curious about healthy weight-loss/staying in shape please keep this in mind: you want to eat in a way that will make it easy for your body to take what it needs for fuel, and eliminate the rest. The better you fuel your body the better it will perform for you. The easier you make it for your body to fuel and ELIMINATE the lighter you will be… feel me? ;)

Oh, and P.S. - -

Lemon and lime is the only exception to this rule! You CAN combine lemon/lime juice with whatever the heck you want!!

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