3 Buddha Bowls

Have you ever laid down in savasana, proud of yourself for getting on the mat that day, ready to relax & to let your mind go, only to be distracted by the low, incessant growl of your rumbling tummy?

Been there, done that. So often in fact that I’ve realized the best way to satiate my hunger after class is with a big bowl of protein, grains & vegetables! After an intense workout (like yoga!), protein is necessary to help your muscles repair, while grains with a high fiber content aid in digestion & help to provide that feeling of ‘fullness.’ Vegetables provide essential vitamins & minerals to keep your body healthy, strong & moving on your mat!

Not sure what to put in your bowl? Here are 3 of my favorite combinations:

Bowl 1:

Bowl 1.jpg


·      Raw Spinach

·      Organic Quinoa

·      Diced Yellow Onion

·      Fuji Apple Chunks

·      Chickpeas

Chickpeas are an excellent source of vegan protein (12g per cup) & though it may seem like a strange combination, the apple & onion pair beautifully together. Opposites really do attract!

Bowl 2:

Bowl 2.jpg


·      Herb Salad Mix

·      Organic Forbidden Rice

·      Roma Tomato

·      Diced White Onion

·      Sriracha Hummus

·      Hemp Seeds

·      Chickpeas

Sriracha Hummus? Yes, please. The hemp seeds also contain fiber to aid in healthy digestion!

Bowl 3:

Bowl 3.jpg


·      Arugula

·      Organic Jasmine Rice

·      Roma Tomato

·      Jicama

·      Black Beans

·      Sriracha Tofu

·      Hemp Seeds

·      Avocado

·      Mediterranean Hummus

Can you tell I’m on a Sriracha kick lately? In this bowl, the lightness of the tofu is balanced by the satisfying crunch of jicama & the smooth addition of hummus and avocado.

Now you might be looking at these recipes thinking, “Hmm, but I don’t like onion,” or “Ooh, I think the sriracha tofu would pair well with the organic quinoa,” or “ But I’d rather have a different protein with these ingredients!” If that’s the case, go for it! Mix & Match! Subtract & add! Don’t let the limits of my imagination get in the way of your culinary masterpiece!

The beauty of the bowl format is that you just pick at least one protein, one grain & one vegetable, dump it all in a bowl & you’re good to go!

Morgan VeneziaComment