Setting Your 2018 Yoga Resolutions

2018 is almost here & for many of us, the new year signifies a rebirth: a time to reinvent ourselves. I haven’t been big on resolutions in the past, but since discovering the power of mindfulness this past year, I have seen that setting an intention can manifest amazing results! So why not approach your yoga practice with that same mindfulness, set an intention & see where 2018 takes you?

I know that advancing your practice might not seem like such a straightforward task. Especially within the idealized world of Instagram yoga, progress can seem daunting. You scroll past endless photos of yogis with their feet behind their heads, effortlessly holding themselves upside down & hollowing their back to create these mind-boggling shapes. As a beginner & even as someone who has been practicing for a while, it’s so easy to fall into feeling that you’ll never be able to get where they are. You’ll never be able to look back & see how far you’ve come. But I have seen firsthand that on the mat, anything is possible if you put in the work. Anything is possible if you want it badly enough - it’s simply a matter of time.

& so I challenge you to take time before the clock strikes midnight & have an honest conversation with yourself about your yoga goals for 2018. Is there a certain pose you want to learn how to do? Do you want to work on your endurance so that you can do 108 sun salutations come New Year’s morning? Maybe you want to commit to practicing for a certain amount of time every day. Whatever your resolution is, by taking the time to pause & set an intention, you’ve already taken a huge step in the right direction! Writing down your resolutions & placing them somewhere you’ll see them every day (like taped to your bathroom mirror or with your yoga mat) will then help to remind you what you intend to accomplish in the next 365 days.

I sat down & mapped out what I want my 2018 practice to look like. I chose to focus on 12 advanced poses to work toward in the new year, one for every month:


I’ve always believed in dreaming big. Realistically, my body might not be ready to get into some of these poses in the next year, but I’ll never know unless I try! Even if I don’t cross every pose off of my resolutions list, the fact that I’ll have made moves toward accomplishing some of my goals is progress in itself! 

What are your 2018 yoga resolutions? Heat up some tea, grab your favorite pen & put your thinking cap on. Allow yourself to visualize what your practice might look like in the new year… what you want it to look like… what you’re going to make it look like! Your practice can be anything you want it to be. All you have to do is decide!