What to Look For When Buying a Yoga Mat


It may be tempting to purchase a yoga mat purely on looks, but there a few important things you should consider when picking out the right yoga mat that go beyond the color and pattern! As yogis our mats are more than just an accessory and/or an opportunity for us to express our personal style (although it is so fun to pick an awesome color and/or patterns that you vibe with!), our mats are there to create a comfortable environment to facilitate our practice so that we can focus our energy solely on the breath and poses.  

Things to consider when choosing a yoga mat:

Grip/Stickiness Getting a mat that allows for you to have a firm grip is essential for growing your practice! There is nothing worse than slipping all over the place mid yoga flow!

Thickness There are varying degrees of yoga mat thickness, however you definitely want to steer clear from getting a mat that is TOO thick as it is not great for the wrists!

Length/Width Standard size, extra wide, extra long, take your pick!

Material Finding a mat that has the most eco-friendly materials possible is a great way to honor yoga as a lifestyle! It is also great to buy from a company that gives back!

Now, all of these things to consider are based on your personal preference, so the last thing to do is decide what grip, thickness, length and material will best suit you and your yoga practice!

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Yoga, ShoppingShayla Quinn