5 Minute Meditation

 In the fast-paced world that we live in today, a “normal” lifestyle is a busy one. Many of us feel stressed, over-worked, exhausted and anxious - not to mention it can often feel like there is just not enough time in the day to get everything done!

Our stress, our exhaustion, our anxiety - it all affects our health. But what if I told you that 5 minutes of meditation could change your life! Would you do it? A simple 5 minute meditation can clear and release most of the toxic feelings almost immediately, leaving you feeling energized, inspired, calmer and more focused.

Like many other humans, my mornings are chaos, but I always set aside 5 minutes for this meditation and you can too:

  • In the morning, make some hot coffee/tea and bring yourself to a space that brings you joy, with no distracting sounds. (If you have children, think about setting your alarm clock 15 minutes early to set aside time for yourself.)

  • Sit comfortably and place both hands on your warm mug and close your eyes.

  • Start to soften your body and your breath, focusing on the warmth of your mug. Focus on the temperature in your hands and nothing else.

  • When you would like to take a sip, slowly bring the mug to your mouth, noticing the warmth, then savoring the taste. Then lower the mug and continue focusing on the warmth while you continue to breathe slowly and evenly.

  • Repeat!

You may only have time for 5-6 sips and that’s OKAY - you've still meditated. By letting go of thought and focusing on feeling, you gave your mind a much-needed chance to reset!


Alexzandra PetersComment