Which Mantra Mat is right for you?

With all of the yoga mats out there, it can be hard to know which mat is the RIGHT mat for your lifestyle & your practice - that’s why we’ve narrowed it down to make it easier for you! Between the Mantra Luxe Pro Mat, the Mantra Core Premium Mat & the Mantra Core Lite Premium Mat you’re sure to find a winner! 

Read on to discover the unique strengths of each:

The Mantra Luxe Pro:

The first thing you’ll notice is that this mat is wider & longer than any mat you’ve ever stepped on. The second thing you’ll notice is its unique texture. The Luxe Pro is your go-to mat for inversions & arm balances because its top AND bottom surface are incredibly grippy. You’ll feel comfortable & grounded on this mat, unlike on other mats when you know your hands are going to slide the second you kick your feet up. Dual layered of polyurethane & natural rubber, the Luxe Pro feels thickly cushioned, but the polyurethane is rigid enough that you won’t feel unstable in standing poses. Bonus: it comes with a carrying strap! 

The Mantra Core Premium:

Also longer & wider than most mats, the Core Premium immediately radiates stability. The surface texture calls to mind memory foam, pillowy & supportive. When you lift your feet, you’ll see the imprint for just a moment before the mat springs back into shape. The Core Premium is lightweight, but still thick enough to be supportive & is made of eco-friendly vinyl that is non-toxic & anti-microbial. 

The Mantra Core Lite Premium:

This mat is even lighter than the Core Premium & thus the best option for on-the-go yogis! If you’re someone who likes to practice outdoors at the beach or in the park, this mat is for you! The larger size allows more room to play & covers more ground - literally! Even though the Core Lite Premium appears thin, it still has enough cushion to support your knees during low lunges & tabletop positions! 

Choose your Mantra Mat here & let us know why it’s perfect for you in the comments below!