3 Reasons to Use Mala Beads


Mala beads are a beautiful and traditional tool that have been used by yogis and meditators alike for thousands of years to help keep the mind focused during meditation (see, it’s not just you- EVERYONE finds focusing while meditating challenging at one time or another!) Mala beads act as an anchor for the mind in those hard-to-focus moments on your meditation cushion.

Besides them being a beautiful yogic accessory, here are 3 reasons you should start using mala beads!

1. Keep track of your time in meditation: They allow you to “time” your meditation without having to rely on an alarm or cell phone! Counting your breaths or mantras by moving your fingers from bead to bead is an incredibly calming way to keep track of your meditation time. Decide prior to sitting down how many rounds you plan to go and each time you making it around the necklace back to the tassel you know you’ve completed a round. 

2. Fantastic reminder to get on your meditation cushion: Wearing the mala beads (for me at least) acts as a gentle reminder to take some time throughout the day to SIT and be still, to ground down and breathe.

3. Create a traditional meditation practice: Mala beads are THE traditional meditation tool! Timers and meditation apps on our cell phones are great and all, but there is something so special about honoring traditional rituals within this practice that can truly take your practice to another level!

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InspirationShayla Quinn