@chintwins on Yoga, Meditation & Letting Go

The Chin Twins may live miles apart, but their spirits are clearly closely intertwined! You've likely stopped scrolling to admire the unique, symmetrical aesthetic of their photography or to ponder over their thought-provoking captions. We interviewed Kimberly & Cristen to get the scoop on everything from how their relationship with yoga has evolved over the years to how they find motivation to get on their mat every day:

How did you get into yoga? What was your motivation?

We both grew up taking ballet classes together and we loved the freedom of expression that it offered. We discovered yoga in college - we were drawn to the beautiful movement and the combination of strength and flexibility that it required. Yoga was a new type of dance, it was movement created for ourselves, not an audience. We were drawn to the moving meditation of yoga and loved how it made our bodies feel both on and off the mat. 

What has yoga helped you to most overcome/ accept?

Our relationship to yoga has evolved as we have grown and changed. As teenagers, it was a way to stay in shape and to decompress as we traveled and modeled. As mothers, it has helped us to reconnect with ourselves and to focus on our own self care. The most valuable lesson yoga has taught us is the constant need to let go of control. As we raise our children, our practice helps us to be in the moment and to surrender to the flow of the universe. 

How has your approach to living changed as you've gotten deeper into your practice?

Our practice has helped us to approach our lives with the focus of joy and love. As we mature, our practice helps us to recognize old negative mind patterns and teaches us how to replace them with love. We are seeing how the internal mental journey of yoga is even more important than the physical practice. Through meditation we are learning how to stay connected with the energy of the universe so we can be more present for our families. 

What is your favorite yoga prop & your favorite way to use it?

We love using essential oils during our practice to help bring awareness to different chakras. We also love using therapy balls to get a little self massage, it’s a great way to get into the fascia and release tension. We also love using blocks to modify poses for ourselves and also use blocks when teaching - they really help make the pose available to more people.

What does your perfect day look like?

Sleeping in and having time to stretch and meditate in the morning. Swimming, sailing and being with our children on the beach. Watching a beautiful sunset with our loved ones then cooking a great meal together. We love to dance with our friends, so ending the day with a fun dance party would be perfect. 

How do you motivate yourself to get on your mat on days when you just don't want to?

What you avoid is usually what you need the most. So when I’m not in the mood to get on my mat I just lie in child’s pose and breathe. Once you are there and connect to your breath you start to move and magic happens. Also, playing music will always get you flowing!! 

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