Founded on the principle that all yoga practices are inspirational and that everyone can practice yoga, we hope to inspire, to motivate, and to share our positive outlook with the world. We recognize that yogis come in every shape, age, color and size; with different levels of expertise; and from a lifetime of memories and experiences that shape and inform their unique practice. Our goal is to supplement that practice with yoga tips, wellness suggestions, healthy recipes and more.


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Melissa Eckman

Melissa (Melis) Eckman is a health & wellness personality, model, entrepreneur, writer and yoga & fitness teacher living in Los Angeles, CA. 

Having worked in Corporate America as a Certified Public Accountant for over 6 years, Melis found a creative outlet when she began teaching barre exercise classes before her 10 hour work day in accounting. She realized what an impact health & wellness has on people’s lives and wanted to share with like-minded people in hopes of building a positive community.

She loves to share about health, wellness, motivational & positive thinking, yoga, beauty, and travel on her Instagram & YouTube!


director of  partnerships: Morgan Venezia

Morgan Venezia is an ethical vegan and mindful yogi currently living in Hollywood, CA. As an Army Wife, she has learned the value of gratitude & making the most of every moment. She seeks to inspire others by sharing yoga tips, motivational quotes and mindfulness practices on her Instagram. Morgan credits yoga, veganism and meditation with transforming her outlook on life. Her mission to break free from her unhealthy lifestyle began when she read the quote, “Most people have no idea how good their bodies are designed to feel.” The more she practices yoga and feeds her body plant-based nourishing fuel, the more she finds that quote to be true!